Wash Ground Test 1

Test Summary
In this test I experimented with Lascaux’s 2094 Wash Resist. I diluted the Lascaux with water and using a variety of brushes to see if I can achieve a reticulation effect across the plate.

Date: February 20, 2008
Researcher’s Name: Jos Truitt
Plate Material: .032 Copper
Plate Size: 4 in x 5 in

Plate Preparation
The plate was degreased with a mixture of Bon Ami and water. The plate was then rinsed with clean water and towel dried to prevent oxidation. I painted and dripped Lascaux Wash Resist into beads of water that had been applied to the plate. It is important to stir the Lascaux Wash Resist as you work because the product settles. If I simply dipped my brush into the Lascaux without stirring it separated from the water. I lifted some areas of the Lascaux with a tissue and left the plate to air dry for two hours before blow drying because some areas of the plate were still wet. I sprayed Z-Acryl aquatint onto the plate with an airbrush and allowed it to dry for 15 minutes.

Etching Notes
Each plate was etched in a vertical etching tank of Ferric Chloride at 38° Baume.

Timed Application of Mordant
40 Minutes

Removal of Grounds
The grounds were removed using a stripper bath of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda and water (100 grams/1 liter). I left the copper plate in the bath for 1 hour but small bits of the resist did not come off plate. These small areas were removed with rubbing alcohol.

After Bath Evaluation
Aquatint looks like it evenly etched and the Lascaux wash stayed on the plate.

Jos's Etched Plate

Jos’s Etched Plate

Inking Methods
The plates were inked with unmodified Graphic Chemical & Ink Co. Bone Black Etching Ink #514. The ink was carded on with mat board scraps, wiped with used tarlatan, and hand wiped.

Paper Type: Hahnemule Copperplate
Paper Soaking Time: 20 Minutes

Test Conclusion
The resulting print does not have the reticulated effects typical of a wash ground. It may be because too much water was used to dilute the Lascaux Wash Resist.

Printed Images

Jos's Print

Jos’s Print

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