Toner Gum Transfer with B.I.G. Ground

In this experiment, we aim to develop a method of transferring a toner-printed image onto a copper plate to act as a resist in the etch. The process was first tested by Andrew Baldwin, and involves wetting a toner image with gum arabic, rolling on a coating of B.I.G hard ground, and wiping off excess ground with a damp sponge. The wet ground should stick to the printer toner, and remain in all but the white areas of the paper. This treated image is then run through the press facing the copper plate in order to transfer the B.I.G. onto the copper. The plate is baked, allowed to sit and cure, and etched in ferric chloride. The B.I.G. should act as an aquatint to achieve tone, and the white areas will open-bite. We hope that with some refinement, this technique will render a printed image that is as true as possible to the tone and detail of the original image. For these tests, we printed our source images on a Brother laser printer model number HL- 2280DW. In most tests we used the printer on its default settings, but we did utilize the photocopy setting and another special setting for the Pronto Plates, as explained in the following tests.

Research Project Tests