Spitbite Test 3

Test Summary
I will follow the previously discovered steps in applying an aquatint to create an spitbite. I will make sure the plate is entirely degreased. The aquatint will be applied in 15 passes. Careful considerations will be made to make sure I do not overspray the ground.

Date: June 23, 2010
Researcher’s Name: Olya Alekseeva
Plate Material: .032 Copper
Plate Size: 4 in x 6 in
Room Temperature: 82°

Plate Preparation
The plate was degreased with soy sauce that was rubbed onto the copper plate using a piece of rolled felt, rinsed and then dried with a clean rag and blow dryer. A basic airbrush sprayed aquatint was applied to each test plate in 15 rounds (see Basic Ground Applications). The airbrush was opened only a small amount to allow for the finest spray possible, and the plate was sprayed from a distance of 16-18 inches away.

Etching Notes
Applied Ferric Chloride from the studio’s premixed bottle.

Timed Application of Mordant
See diagram for application times.

Diagram of timed applications of Ferric Chloride

Diagram of timed applications of Ferric Chloride

Removal of Grounds
The ground was effectively removed using a stripper bath of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda and water (100 grams/1 liter). The plate was rinsed in water and de-oxidized in a brightener bath made of distilled white vinegar and salt (1 gallon/1 cup). Immediately following the brightener bath the plate was dried with a clean rag and blow dryer.

After Bath Evaluation
The plate looks properly etched.

Inking Methods
The ink used was a mixture of 50% Graphic Chemical Bone Black and 50% Charbonnel RSR, plus ½ teaspoon of #3 plate oil (to about 2 tablespoons ink). Ink was carded onto the copper plate with mat board scraps, wiped with used tarlatan, and then palm wiped.

Inked Plate

Inked Plate

Paper Type: Hahnemule Copperplate
Paper Soaking Time: 30 Minutes
Press Blanket Setup: Sizing catcher and pusher, 11.5 pressure, Small Takach Press

Test Conclusion
By keeping close attention to the amount of aquatint I sprayed the print was a success.

Printed Images

Olya's print

Olya’s print

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