Soy Wax Litho Ink Soft ground Test: 4c

October 8, 2015

Researcher: Kristina Key
Room Temperature: 66º F
Humidity: low humidity
Materials: Soy Wax Litho Ink Soft Ground, 9″x6″ Copper plate, 30º baume ferric chloride, various drawing tools, Zea Mays Acrylic Stop Out
Abstract: Testing to see if the 30º baume ferric chloride will properly etch a copper plate without any false bite using the same plate as “Soy Wax Litho Ink Soft Ground: Test 4b”.



I mixed a 30º baume ferric chloride bath using ferric from the 36º baume bath and adding water to it. The plate was cleaned after the last test (Soy Wax Litho Ink Soft Ground Test 4b) and degreased. It was placed on a hot plate and rolled with the soft ground until evenly coated. I used some dental tools, a roulette wheel, and a scribe to make marks in the soft ground and placed it in the ferric chloride for 15 minutes. I removed the plate, placed it on the hot plate, wiped the soft ground off, rinsed, cleaned, and degreased it. I printed the plate using the Brand Etching Press at .9 pressure with two sizing catchers, Hanemeuhle Copperplate paper soaked for 15 minutes, and Graphic Chemical 514 Bone Black ink.proof7

The plate was cleaned and degreased, placed on a hot plate, and rolled with softground again until evenly covered. I used dental tools, scribe, and a rubber paint brush to continue adding marks and placed the plate in ferric for another 15 minutes. I removed the plate, heated, wiped, rinsed, cleaned, and degreased it. I printed the plate using the same specifications as above.


The soy wax litho ink soft ground can be used in a 30 baume ferric chloride bath without any false bite or soft ground falling off the plate.