Sodium Alginate Acrylic Hard Ground Research

We designed experiments to test the use of Sodium Alginate in an acrylic hard ground. The Zea Mays stop out is made of 1 cup future floor polish,1 cup gac 100, and ⅓ cup india ink, which makes an acrylic solution that is thin and fluid. Sodium alginate is a natural food product used as a thickener and gelling agent and because of these properties we hypothesized that when added to Zea Mays’ stop out, it would make a functional hard ground. The experiments were designed to answer the following questions:

– What will be the ratio of sodium alginate to ZMP stop out that makes the best ground?

– How will this ground be applied (rolled, brushed, or poured)?

– What is the shelf life of a solution with sodium alginate?

– How long can the ground be etched before it breaks down?

– How well will it draw through? 

– What will be the method of drying/hardening (air dry or heat box)?

– How well will it strip?

                                                                                                                            >first experiment