Washout Booth


Zea Mays, as you may know, is all about greener and safer processes so the “spray and pray” method was not needed here. This did not solve the issue of water pooling up and adhering a fine mist to every surface in the studio. Much like the shelving, our solution was simple yet effective. We created a structure to encapsulate the booth in a shower curtain. Genius. Blueprint1


Using leftover boards of 2″x4″ wood we constructed the beams on which the rod and curtain would hang. We went with a clear vinyl curtain (the tropical fish design was our second choice) to allow the user to see what was being cleaned if they wished to remain outside the booth. Weight and structural integrity became an issue early on so right angle brackets were used to hold the rods, and beams were used to bear the weight. The finishing touches included applying more clear vinyl sheets to the sides to prevent any overspray, and a sweet paint job.


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