“With screens and supplies comes clutter” – Dan. No truer words have been spoken. A very common issue with setting up any kind of artists studio is cleanliness and storage. The easy solution is generally never the most practical and efficient one. Zea Mays had limited space to fit a cohesive and effective screen printing studio. On top of that a dinosaur (filbar press) was occupying a plethora of the room.

We started with tackling the issue of screen storage. Zea Mays had limited space for the varying sizes of member and studio screens, while the fragile nature of the screen’s mesh demands proper storage. We found that storing the screens vertically fit better with the floor plan, and allowed ample space for a printing station on the opposite side of the room. Having a few spare boards left over from previous screen printing boards allowed us to make the bulk of the shelving for no cost. Hardware, much like many things built, was scavenged from various sources. Some bought and others on hand.




The design was simple, we adhered triangle slats to the floor and wall using screws and right angle brackets. Then cut sections of the vertical shelving, which originated from the screen printing boards, to make the best use of our materials. For support and the sake of the entire structure being level, we built the shelving on lengths of 1″x 4″.


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