Squeegee Rack

The squeegee rack was the final build for us at the Zea Mays screen printing studio. We were feeling the (pressure) and had to (pull) ourselves together for this one (printmaking puns). This build was fairly simple for us, the racks used to hold the squeegees at an upright angle were purchased online. By using left over plywood from the previous screen storage build we were able to have a wall mount for the racks.


Since we had various sizes of squeegees to work with it was important to measure out the various lengths of the squeegee handles and plan accordingly. One section was dedicated to the larger squeegees that are used for the Filbar press, and the other section handled the smaller squeegees for hand printing. With a coat of a very beautiful red ochre color and some sealer, our squeegee rack was ready to go. This final build made the room a great place to (hang) out.

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