Screen Printing Photo Exposure Area

At Zea Mays Printmaking (ZMP) an existing dark room used for photopolymer was perfect for the photo process of screen printing. By re-configuring an existing dark room equipped with yellow safe lights and ventilation we were able to establish a great work space for photo screen printing. ZMP has a lot of good friends, and amazing interns (pats back) so finding equipment and labor was easy. We were gifted a Rayonet Aluminum Exposure Unit (20″x24″) that worked perfectly.


The darkroom was already outfitted with ventilation, which is important when dealing with unmixed photo emulsion. The room also had the proper lighting conditions and, was a decent size as well. The next step was to make a stand in which the screen can be coated. This was done by creating a custom shelf with a ledge to stop the screen from moving around. The shelf was built from leftover scrap wood.

IMG_2178IMG_2735The weight needed to press the screen onto the positive in the exposure unit was professionally fabricated to fit perfectly into the screens. The weight had to be somewhat heavy so it was constructed from steel.

Emulsion can be stored for a few months but that duration is increased once refridgerated. By taking a mini-fridge from another room we set up  place to keep the emulsion cool, and also safe from any light that could come into the room.

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