Screen Drying Rack

There is nothing worse than a wet screen. Screens that sit in improper storage after being cleaned will start to develop a certain smell, and if the frames are made from wood than one can expect some warping and rotting to occur. To save your screens, and nose, from any issues its important to have an effective drying station which is easier to set up than you may think.

For this build we started with a simple blueprint which consisted of a basic frame set up with lengths of rope spanning from the floor to wall at an angle. Since the floor was ceramic tile we could not drill directly into the floor so we had to build a frame reaching out from the wall. The purpose of this was to have a surface into which the eye hooks could drill. After this frame was completed we measured out the spacing between each length of rope and how far the screens would have to protrude from the wall.


By using eye hooks and rope we created a sort of shelving for the screens to reside in. The reason for using rope and not a sturdier material was air flow. Its important to allow air to travel openly throughout the screens. The final step was setting up a box fan facing the screens to speed up the drying time.