Getting Started

Finding the right room to set up a Screen Printing studio is key. One crucial element in the planning is access to running water. Not only is a sink necessary for the clean up of squeegees, scoop coaters, sponges etc. but also for a wash out booth. A floor plan set up before you start working will save you time and frustration.

At Zea Mays Printmaking we converted 2 adjoining rooms into the screen printing facility. One room already had a sink and ceramic tile floor. The adjacent room had a wooden floor. We decided the washout and wet processes would take place in the tiled floor room and the dry in the wooden floored room.

For the build at Zea Mays we  reached out to local hardware and lumber yards to gather the lengths of wood. Having an idea of just how much you will need is imperative before one starts cutting any lengths. Utilizing any left over hardware and materials can also cut down on cost for the build. be creative with what you have and take comfort in knowing that every print shop has its own quirks and traits.

The first project was to acquire a washout sink and install it into the wet room. Zea Mays Printmaking purchased a Ranat washout sink and had it professionally installed. It was enlarged and modified to accommodate large (30″x40″) screens. We hired an HVAC sheet metal fabricator to make the alterations.



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