Copper Sulfate – Saline Etch for Aluminum – Test 23: Depleted Bath Revival #2

Name: Nick Osetek & Tessa Chambers                                                 Date: 6/14/2018

Room Temperature: 73*F                                                                    Humidity etc: Dry

Experiment Title: Depleted Bath Revival #2

Experiment Goal: To kill and revive our 5-gallon bath again with 762 g of copper sulfate and 762 g of salt. Then retest the bath’s strength after revival.

Plate material: Aluminum 5052

Plate Preparation: Buffed with steel wool, degreased with Bon Ami and soy sauce, backed with contact paper

Evaluation of Plate Preparation: Normal

Etching Bath Notes: Before Revival: Bath was clear with copper sludge build up on the bottom.

After adding Copper Sulfate: We added 762 g, and the bath turned teal/aqua.

After adding Salt: We added 762 g, and then the bath turned emerald green.

Time in bath5 minutes

After Bath Evaluation: The bath was still mossy emerald green.

Removal of Grounds: N/A

Inking Methods: Bone black, 10% Burnt Plate Oil 00

Paper Type: Hahnemuhle Copperplate

Soaking Time: 1 hour

Press, blanket set up, pressure: Praga press, 2 catchers, 1/8, 1/8

Conclusions: Our 5-minute print was consistent with our past 5-minute tests, almost black. Meaning that revival was successful.

Roughly 10 minutes after dropping in sheet of aluminum 5052 to kill the bath.

Killed bath, dissolved aluminum and copper remains.

After breaking up the copper build-up, 762 g of copper sulfate was stirred into the bath.

After stirring in the copper sulfate, the teal color was back within 5 minutes.

After stirring in 762 g sodium chloride (salt) the bath turned green within a few minutes.

5-minute etch and resulting print from revived bath.

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