Copper Sulfate – Saline Etch for Aluminum – Test 21: Depleted Bath Revival

Name: Nick Osetek & Tessa Chambers                                                 Date: 6/12/2018

Room Temperature: 73*F                                                                    Humidity etc: Dry

Experiment Title: Depleted Bath Revival

Experiment Goal: After killing our bath by letting a large piece of aluminum eat away from a few days. Our goal was to try reviving the bath by adding 762 grams of copper sulfate. We would test the dead bath and the revived bath.

Plate material: Aluminum 5052

Plate Preparation: Degreased with Bon Ami and soy sauce

Evaluation of Plate Preparation: Normal (Not steel wooled or backed due to small aluminum test strip)

Etching Bath Notes: Before Revival: The bath was clear with copper fungi looking mass floating on the top from dissolved aluminum plate. There was also a lot of copper sediment build up at the bottom.

After Revival: The bath turned back to its typical minty green, but not back to its new bright blue color.

Time in bathDead Bath: 5 min           Revived Bath: 5 min

After Bath Evaluation: The bath was still minty green.

Removal of Grounds: N/A

Inking Methods: Bone black, 10% Burnt Plate Oil 00

Paper Type: Hahnemuhle Copperplate

Soaking Time: 15 min

Press, blanket set up, pressure: Praga press, 2 catchers, 6/8, 6/8

Conclusions: Our test strip before revival was expectedly light.

After adding 762g of copper sulfate & etching for another 5 minutes, our test strip printed much darker as our original prints were after etching in a new bright blue bath. The darkness of our test strip confirmed that we successfully revived our bath.

Dissolved/transformed aluminum plate & oxidation/compound build up

Close up of oxidation/compound build up

Revived bath after 762 grams of copper sulfate.

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