Copper Sulfate – Saline Etch for Aluminum – Test 17: Nick’s Image Making

Name: Nick Osetek                                                                              Date: 5/31/2018

Room Temperature: 76*F                                                                    Humidity etc: Dry

Experiment Title: Image Making Line work & Aquatint

Experiment Goal: To begin the process of image making with line work and aquatint, using varied etching times.

Plate material: Aluminum 5052

Plate Preparation: Plate degreased with Bon Ami & soy sauce, BIG grounded and drawn into with line work.

Evaluation of Plate Preparation: (3 separate etches)

Etch 1) Plate not fully degreased – bits of BIG fell off during etching.

Etch 2) BIG stripped, plate not fully degreased stop out fell off.

Etch 3) Stop out stripped, not degreased and stop out flaked off.

Etching Bath Notes: The bath is still turning a darker green, seems to be wearing down.

Time in bath10 min (line work), 10 min (aquatint)

After Bath Evaluation:  The bath is still turning dark green.

Removal of Grounds: Estisol 150 to remove BIG ground & stop out

Inking Methods: Bone black, 30% Burnt Plate Oil 00

Paper Type: Hahnemuhle Copperplate

Soaking Time: 30 min

Press, blanket set up, pressure: Praga press, 2 catchers, 1/8, 1/8


Etch 1) Lines came out fairly clean/consistent, some unintended open biting.

Etch 2) Thicker lines slightly darker, more unintended open biting, but still clean & consistent.

Etch 3) 10 minute aquatint, fairly light compared to smaller 3×3 inch plates.

Drawing into BIG hard ground

After second line etch.

Progressive state proofs of line work and aquatint etching.



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