Copper Sulfate – Saline Etch for Aluminum – Test 13: Copper Sulfate + Depleted Bath Test

Name: Nick Osetek & Tessa Chambers                                                 Date: 5/10/2018

Room Temperature: 69*F                                                                    Humidity etc: Dry

Experiment Title: Dead Bath Regeneration Test

Experiment Goal: To etch a 3-minute plate in the 6 oz depleted bath with the added 1/2 a tablespoon of copper sulfate. So we can compare this 3-minute plate with our other 3-minute plate tests.

Plate material: Aluminum (5052)

Plate Preparation: Steel wooled, degreased with Bon Ami and soy sauce, then backed with contact paper.

Evaluation of Plate Preparation: Normal

Etching Bath Notes: The bath was still its typical milky green color.

Time in bath3 minutes

After Bath Evaluation:  The bath was still not very active during etching.

Removal of Grounds: N/A

Inking Methods: Bone black, 10% Burnt Plate Oil 00,


r Type: Hahnemule Copperplate

Soaking Time: 15 minutes

Press, blanket set up, pressure: Praga press, 2 blankets, 1/8, 1/8

Conclusions: The results of this 3-minute print seem consistent with our Citric Acid Degeneration Test #3. (4/26/2018) The plate printed fairly light, but still with some nice tone.

The small test strip was etched for 15 minutes to test the strength of the newly revived bath. The 3×3 in plate is a 3 minute to compare with our past 3 minute plates.

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