Photographic Silk Aquatint Test 19: Edge Test with Pledge Floor Care Finish

Name: Mady Lacaprucia and McKenzie Stuetzel     Date: 1-23-18

Room Temperature: 67 F Humidity, ect: Not humid

Experiment Title: Test 19: Edge Test with Pledge Floor Care Finish

Experiment Goal: To eliminate fraying around the edges of our plates by sealing them with Pledge Floor Care Finish.

Procedure: Using McKenzie’s image of an etching, we continue to prepare our plate in the usual manner. We are continuing to use the silkscreen 230 mesh that we tried for the first time in the previous test. After exposing the plate for 5:15 minutes and washing out the emulsion, we use an airbrush to spray a layer of Pledge Floor Care Finish over the plate. After allowing the plate to dry, we paint the edges with more Pledge in an attempt to seal them enough so that they will not fray. We then printed the plate ten times, on a Praga press with a pusher and catcher and Gamblin Bone Black ink, to see how the edges would hold up.

The first few prints were clean, unlike the previous tests where fray marks would usually show up by only the second print. After about four prints, we did start to notice small frays on our plate, but not yet in our prints. It was at this time that we had the idea to wipe the edges of the plate before printing, which had not occurred to us before. We were worried that wiping the edges would increase fraying, but this did not end up happening.

Conclusions: Using a combination of edge-wiping and painting edges with Pledge, we were able to successfully produce 10 clean prints. Though the edges of our plate did still fray, the frays stayed short and did not continue to grow very long as in previous tests. However, we know that just using the Pledge is not enough, and the edges of the plate do still need to be wiped, as with a normal intaglio plate. We discovered this when, after producing ten clean prints in which we wiped the edges of the plate with a cloth before printing, we printed an eleventh one in which we did not wipe the edges. In this print, the fray marks did show up in the print.

Therefore, while painting Pledge on the edges of the plate will prevent the frays from becoming severely long, they will not stop the frays entirely; however, you can still achieve clean prints simply by wiping the edges.

Print 2 – No fray marks.

Print 10 – No Fray Marks.

Print 11 – Not wiped on edges, fray marks visible.

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