Photographic Silk Aquatint – Test 13: Exposure Time for Improved Process

Name: Mady Lacaprucia and McKenzie Stuetzel     Date: 12/5/17

Room Temperature: 66 Fahrenheit Humidity, ect: Not humid

Experiment Title: Test 13 – Exposure Time for Improved Process

Experiment Goal: Our goal is to test exposure time again with our new and improved way of making a plate. We are testing for 5:30 and 5:15 minutes, versus our usual 5:00 minute time.

Process: To really see the difference in exposure time, we are using the same image for each plate. We are continuing to use a Silkscreen 200 mesh with bitmap settings of a frequency of 40 and an angle of 22.5. We also are continuing to use our improved process of using double-tack adhesive sheets to adhere the mesh to the plate, and applying the emulsion, and giving it enough time to dry before exposing it. Plate A is exposed for 5:15 minutes, and Plate B for 5:30 minutes.

Printing and Conclusions:

We printed these plates on a Brand press set to medium pressure with a pusher and catcher. We used Hahnemuhle Copper Etching paper with Gamblin Bone Black ink mixed with plate oil.

Plate A came out significantly better than Plate B, and is definitely the best image we’ve gotten so far in our tests. It is clear, has much more detail, and looks very close to our positive, whereas Plate B is dark and blotchy. At 5:30 minutes, Plate B was not exposing correctly and some areas did not show up on the plate at all; for example, part of the bridge is totally missing, which has never happened before. Its is clear that 5:15 is a superior exposure time than both 5:30 and 5:00.

Plate A: 5:15 Exposure

Plate B: 5:30 Exposure

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