Photographic Silk Aquatint Test 1 C – 3 Layers of Emulsion

How will applying 3 coats of emulsion to the matrix affect the final print, as opposed to only 2 layers?

Date: 9/26/17

Room Temperature: 73 Fahrenheit during the day of creating the plate; 64 Fahrenheit while printing

Humidity: Low

Researchers: Mady Lacaprucia and McKenzie Stuetzel

Test 1 C. In this test, we decided to continue exploring the way in which the emulsion affects the final print. After discovering that using a card to apply the emulsion works very well, we wanted to test how many layers of emulsion are needed to achieve good results. For this test, we followed the same procedure as Test 1 B, except we applied a total of 3 layers of emulsion to the plate.

We printed this plate on a Praga press set to medium pressure with a sizing catcher and a pusher. We inked it like an intaglio plate using Gamblin Bone Black, mixed with 00 Burnt plate oil. This is the resulting print:

Using three layers of emulsion, instead of two, resulted in a much better image. More of the detailed linework appears in this one that was lost in the print with only two layers The white areas are also much whiter, as it was easier to wipe the plate clean, and results in a more contrasted and clear image.

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