Non-Conventional Aquatint VIII

Non-Conventional Aquatint VIII:

Date: May 11, 2017

Temperature: 75 degrees

Humidity: Low

Researchers: Claire Crews and Samuel Guerin

Can the malleability of the acrylic solution be used to create painterly or textural effects via directhand manipulation?

As a continuation of the last experiment, we repeated the process of thoroughly covering a plate with aquatint medium and then using a crumpled rag and hand pressure to remove medium while still wet and create texture on the etched plate.

Plate with medium removed by rag and hand pressure:

Once the grounds were dry, we backed the plate and etched it in 36 baume Ferric Chloride for 8 minutes. Flushed, stripped, and deoxidized.

Conclusion: The rag created subtle, fuzzy variation in tone and texture, not as crisp and defined as the removal with newsprint.