Non-Conventional Aquatint VI

Non Conventional Aquatint VI:

Date: May 4, 2017

Temperature: 71 F

Humidity: moderate

Researchers: Claire Crews and Sam Guerin

What effects can be made by interrupting wet aquatint medium with neutralizer, stripper and q-tips?

We covered this plate with even layer of aquatint medium. We chose to experiment with neutralizer applied to the plate with a paint brush and blotted with newsprint to dry, stripper brushed on with paint brush and blotted with newsprint to dry and a q-tip used to make marks in wet aquatint medium to interrupt the texture. The different areas were labeled with a sharpie before etching.

Plate before etching with aquatint medium and brushed neutralizer. Plate was etched in 36 degree Baume for 8 minutes.

Plate inked with graphic chemical 514C.

Plate printed on Hahnemuhle Cream.

Conclusions: the neutralizer and stripper worked with the aquatint medium similarly in that they moved the medium to the edges of the brushed on areas creating halo outlines similar to what we saw with the sprayed on neutralizer in experiment V. We suspect that the aquatint medium was too dry to be effectively removed with the q-tip, or that the q-tip did not create a dramatic enough reduction in spray texture to effect the interrupted area.