Non-Conventional Aquatint V

Non Conventional Aquatint V:

Date: May 4, 2017

Temperature: 71 F

Humidity: moderate

Researchers: Claire Crews and Sam Guerin

How does Neutralizer sprayed onto aquatinted plate effect the aquatint medium?

For this experiment we sprayed aquatint medium to cover the entire plate (sprayed for 3 minutes at a distance of 18″ with the nozzle open 2 turns), then immediately sprayed an area with neutralizer at 6″ for 3 seconds. Neutralizer caused aquatint medium to move to edges of sprayed area and drip to bottom of plate, creating some stopped out areas and some stippled areas.

Even coverage of aquatint medium on plate:

Plate with aquatint medium and neutralizer before etching.

Etched plate inked with Graphic Chemical 514C

Plate printed on Hahnemuhle Cream.

Conclusion: the neutralizer pushed the aquatint medium to the edges of where it sprayed causing the aquatint to act as a stop out in pooled areas, while the cleared areas from the neutralizer allowed for biting. The effect was a halo-like outline around the sprayed areas.