Lift Ground Test 5 Part 1

Test Summary
I want to discover how the Edinburgh mixture reacts to being layered in multiple sessions of painting over a period of several weeks. The test is broken into three parts. Each time we etched the plate, degreased the surface, and applied another Lift-Ground over the previous etch.

Date: October 14, 2009
Researcher’s Name: Elena Betke Brunswick
Plate Material: .032 Copper
Plate Size: 5 in x 7 in
Room Temperature: 62° Cold, Crisp

Plate Preparation
I degreased the copper plate with soy sauce that was rubbed onto the surface using a piece of rolled felt, rinsed and then dried with a clean rag and blow dryer. The Edinburgh lift is a mixture of 3 teaspoons of Da Vinci Masking Fluid, 5 eraser tips of gouache, and half a teaspoon of warm water. I painted three times and removed unwanted areas as the image progressed. Z-Acryl was applied with a foam brush across the surface of the copper plate after allowing the Lift Ground to sit on plate for one week. I placed the copper plate in drier box for 30 minutes and returned one week later placed the grounded plate in a bath of hot water. After 5 minutes, I rubbed vigorously with gloved hands to remove the ground from the plate. The Lift Ground was on the plate for a total of 2 weeks but it still lifted easily. I applied aquatint in 5 passes with a Paasche airbrush at its finest setting and placed the copper plate in hotbox for 20 minutes.

Application of Edinburgh mixture

Application of Edinburgh mixture

Etching Notes
The plate was etched in a vertical etching tank of Ferric Chloride at 36° Baume.

Timed Application of Mordant
15 Minutes

Removal of Grounds
The Z-Acryl hard ground emulsion was removed after 10 minutes in a stripper bath of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda and water (100 grams/1 liter). The ground lifted easily.

After Bath Evaluation
Even etch, consistent with the brush marks I made with the Lift Ground.

Elena's Etched Plate

Elena’s Etched Plate

Inking Methods
The plates were inked with unmodified Graphic Chemical & Ink Co. Bone Black Etching Ink #514. The ink was carded onto the copper plate with mat board scraps, wiped with used tarlatan and hand wiped.

Paper Type: Somerset
Paper Soaking Time: 30 Minutes
Press Blanket Setup: Sizing Catcher and Pusher, 8.5 pressure, Small Takach Etching Press

Test Conclusion
This was quite a different process from the other experiments considering the large gaps of time the Edinburgh Lift Ground remained on the plate. However the process went well and the print came out successfully.

Printed Images

Elena's Printed Image

Elena’s Printed Image

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