Lift Ground Test 2A

Test Summary
I am using the same Edinburgh mixture used in previous tests but I will apply it thicker and allow the copper plate to dry for a longer period of time on the hot plate. My hope is that after a thick application and longer drying the lift will peel away from the copper plate effortlessly.

Date: September 15, 2009
Researcher’s Name: Megan Klazura
Plate Material: .032 Copper
Plate Size: 9 in x 6 in
Room Temperature: 72° Sunny

Plate Preparation
I degreased the copper plate with soy sauce that was rubbed onto the copper plate using a piece of rolled felt, rinsed and then dried with a clean rag and blow dryer. The degreasing was done four times. The lift was a mixture of 3 teaspoons of Windsor Newton artist masking fluid, 5 eraser tips of gouache, and half a teaspoon of warm water. I painted the lift ground onto the copper plate using a variety of different diameter brushes for 45 minutes and placed it on a hot-plate set at 150° for 45 minutes. I noticed that brushes need to be washed immediately after use and that the lift mixture destroys the brushes quickly. The Z-Acryl hard-ground emulsion was poured across the copper plate and caught in a water tray. I stood the plate up vertically and allowed it to dry in the open air for 5 minutes. The copper plate was placed in the hotbox for 30 minutes to harden the Z-Acryl. After the hardening the copper plate was placed in a bath of warm water. I rubbed at the ground for over an hour with gloved hands. The long baking time made it incredibly difficult to remove the ground. Aquatint was applied in five passes to the plate with a Paashce airbrush set at it’s finest setting. The aquatint was air dried for 5 minutes and placed in the hotbox for 20 minutes.

Application of Edinburgh mixture

Application of Edinburgh mixture

Application of Z-Acyrl hard ground emulsion

Application of Z-Acyrl hard ground emulsion

Rubbing away Lift Ground

Rubbing away Lift Ground

Etching Notes
The plate was etched in a vertical etching tank of Ferric Chloride at 38° Baume.

Timed Application of Mordant
15 Minutes

Removal of Grounds
The grounds were removed using a stripper bath of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda and water (100 grams/1 liter). The Z-Acryl hard ground emulsion came off easily but portions of the lift ground remained.

After Bath Evaluation
Even after 1 hour in warm water and 15 minutes in the Ferric I still could not get all the lift ground off the plate. However the etch of the rest of the plate looks great.

Megan's Etched Plate

Megan’s Etched Plate

Inking Methods
The plates were inked with unmodified Graphic Chemical & Ink Co. Bone Black Etching Ink #514. The ink was carded onto the copper plate with mat board scraps, wiped with used tarlatan and newsprint.

Paper Type: Pescia
Paper Soaking Time: 25 Minutes
Press Blanket Setup: Large Takach, 2 Blankets, .75 Pressure

Test Conclusion
I tried to created different textures by pushing and pulling the brush quickly. This technique yielded an interesting reticulation effect in the lower left portion of the image. Besides taking exceedingly long to remove the lift ground this print came out well.

Printed Images

Megan's print

Megan’s print

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