Lift Ground with watercolor masking fluid

We designed a series of experiments to find an alternative to the traditional sugar lift process. Traditionally a sugar lift ground solution is made with a mixture of Karo syrup, sumi-e ink, and dishsoap. We were not able to us the traditional method because it was not compatible with our Z-Acryl hardground emulsion, which reacted with the sugar in the Karo syrup and washed the Z-Acryl off the plate. The Edinburgh Print Shop in Edinburgh, Scotland suggests using a mixture of Artist’s Masking Fluid, gouache, and water. In our experiments we tested various drying times for the ground, different applications of the Edinburgh lift, and several types of masking fluid solutions to determine if one is more effective than another. We were successful in finding a substitute to the traditional sugar lift which remains functional with our non-toxic acrylic grounds.

Research Project Tests