press n peel test 34

This short experiment was to test different settings for the laser printer to see if those settings would alter the dot pattern.

No images were printed onto the film, etched, or printed. Images were simply printed onto standard printer paper and then observed through a loupe to study the dot patterns.

Changed the frequency (lpi), angle, and shape of the dot pattern laid down by the printer under Print with Preview> Output> Screen…

uncheck “Use Printer’s Default Settings”

select Ink: Black

Angle, Shape, and Frequency options are visible on the menu below.

Frequency was changed for 3 images to 300, 500 and 999 lpi.

Printed these on paper and looked through the loupe to see if these changes were visible.


Even though we didn’t print film for each of these it opened up discussion for LPI, angle, and shape which was used in future experiments.
Angle wasn’t a factor because we were printing in only one color. If you were doing multiple plates, and color separation, you could test this, and or leave the angle for each color as it is.
Shape was not visible through the loupe probably because the LPI was too high.
Making the LPI higher did not make a difference in the dot pattern, but in future experiments, #35 and #36 we lowered the LPI to 80 and this test opened up the possibility of the aquatint screen not being necessary. The laser printer lays down a dot pattern and adjusting this through the LPI was successful in future experiments.

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