Intaglio Photo Transfer with PCB Press-n-Peel

Press-n-Peel PCB Blue is a transfer film patented by Technicks Inc. for use in the creation of homemade circuit boards. The traditional use for circuit boards involves printing a circuit board image onto the transfer film with a laser printer. The toner from the printer sticks to the film . The image is then positioned face down on a piece of copper and ironed. The film is peeled off leaving the film on the plate where the toner acted as an adhesive. The adhered film acts as a stop-out in ferric chloride. The plate is then placed in ferric chloride and etched. Once etched, the film is removed and the image is printed from the intaglio plate.

Press-n-Peel’s inherent qualities as a stop-out on copper led us to believe that we could use it as a photo-based etching technique for intaglio printmaking. While its intended use is for etching lines into copper, we felt it had potential for artistic applications. The prospect of making photo etchings without chemicals is intriguing. We are curious to see if this material can be used to keep the tonal integrity of a photographic image intact. Our investigations attempt to achieve a tonal complexity through the simple use of an iron-on film.

Researcher’s Names: Stephanie Gaumond, Liz Bannish, Cathe Janke, Kristin Fitzpatrick

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