ImagOnHD: Exploring Safer Photopolymer Techniques

Researchers: Dan Dawson, Hannah Sanchez
Date: April, 2019

Given the increasing toxicity concerns with Toyobo, Jet, Solarplate photopolymer plates, our research aims to explore ImagOnHD as a safer, less toxic photopolymer process. ImagOnHD uses a process of saponification and soda ash which has the potential to reduce the exposure to hazardous monomers.  We will look at streamlining, and creating a standardized process to achieve a similar tone and fine details usually associated with Toyobo. We will also explore applying the ImagOnHD film to a variety of substrates such as PETG, copper, aluminum and explore the potential for further mark making. Our goal is to present ImagOnHD as an adequate and exciting alternative to other photopolymer plates.

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