Creating an Acrylic Spray Aquatint Test 2

October 14, 2014
Researchers: Audrey Blood / Jenny Gover
Room Temperature: 68 degrees F
Humidity: average to dry
Materials: Speedball Screen Filler, Future Floor Wax, Speedball India Ink
Abstract: Solving the goop problem

Mix 2a:
1 oz. Speedball screen filler
4 oz. Future floorwax
3 drops Golden airbrush medium
0.5 oz  Speedball india ink

We stirred Speedball screen filler until thoroughly mixed. We measured and poured 1 oz of the Speedball screen filler into a mixing container. We then measured 4 oz. Future floor wax, and added it to the Speedball and stirred until mixed thoroughly. We added 3 drops Golden airbrush medium to the mixture. To color the mixture, we added 0.5 oz Speedball india ink and stirred until evenly mixed.  The mixture was sprayed evenly onto the plate, using BADGER airbrush, at a distance of 6-8 inches from the plate with approximately five passes.  We set the plate in the drying box for 20 minutes.

comparison of mix 2a and Z-Acryl 

The visibility of this mixture was better than Mix 2. Compared to Z-Acryl, it was the same color density and a very similar viscosity. We noticed clumping in the mixture and clogging in the airbrush. The thickness of the mixture made the spray too coarse and left large splotches on the plate. It was so uneven and clogging such a problem that we considered this mixture to be unusable and did not etch this plate.

mixture 2a appears well mixed, but goop is hiding at the bottom

bad spray of mixture 2a — large dots from clogs in spray are visible in this photo

Solving the Goop Problem:
To figure out what was clogging the airbrush, we tried the following mixtures in small quantities to see how the goop was formed:

  1. Mixed Speedball screen filler and Future floor wax —- No goop.
  2. Mixed Speedball india ink and Future foor wax —- No goop.
  3. Mixed Speedball india ink with Speedball screen filler and Future floor wax mixture —- Instant goop.
  4. Mixed Speedball india ink into Speedball screen filler with NO Future floor wax —- Instant goop.

test 4: screenfiller and india ink with no future floor wax — goop is forming at the edges 

When we added larger quantitates of Speedball india ink to any mixture of Speedball screen filler, this created goop that clogged the airbrush. Therefore, we cannot tint any Speedball screen filler mixture with Speedball india ink.