Acrylic Manière Noire

Researchers: Zoe Dong and Megan Ogden

Date: 1/3/2019


We shifted gears away from alternative grounds and began researching a process Marnix Everaert brought to the studio in 2017. He uses acrylic mediums, such as Zea Mays Acrylic stop out, Gac 100, and other acrylics to bring back values of light on a plate aquatinted to black. The result is very beautiful ghostly lines, textured planes of values, and high contrasting images.

A print by Marnix

Marnix’s acrylic test

Marnix’s test of double aquatint (top) versus single (bottom)

For this experiment we were exploring this processes in an attempt to make a comprehensive guide for other artists interested in using this process in their own work. This involves testing acrylics to see how they dry on a plate, hold up to printing, what type of marks/values can be made and how they work to create a composition.

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