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Kitchen Table Printing

joyce1Joyce Silverstone
Saturday & Sunday, April 16 & 17, 2016, 10-5
$275 non-members $245 members
$25 materials fee
 (includes plates, inks, paper)

Learn how to make wonderful monoprints without a press! This workshop will use water-based Akua Inks and a variety of techniques that lend themselves to expressive mark making.  We will start the workshop with an easy registration system for transfer drawing that makes it possible to hand print multiple color plates.   Off the press, these drawings and transferred marks quickly become a series of related prints. Even if you don’t have a home studio, this method works well for printing at home on your kitchen table. We will use the etching presses in the teaching studio to extend the life of these plates by printing what remains of the ink left on the plates. These “ghost prints” or cognates will provide another layer of history to draw into or print again to extend the print series.  This is a great workshop for people new to Akua inks, monoprinting, or pressless printing!

$275 + $25 materials ‐ Non‐Members

$245 + $25 materials ‐ Members