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Japanese-Style Woodblock (Moku Hanga) 5-Day Intensive

Bissett_VastAnnie Bissett
Saturday – Wednesday, June 25-29, 2016, 10-5
$575 non-members $525 members
$40 materials fee includes blocks, inks, paper

The Japanese method of multicolor woodblock printing, with brushes and watercolors and hand pressure, is both simple and complex. The simplicity lies in the ease with which one can get started. A knife, some wood, a few tubes of paint, a stiff brush, some paper, water, and a tool for hand burnishing is all that’s needed to make a moku hanga print. But these modest tools belie the complexities of the process. The way that waterborne pigments behave on a piece of wood, the intricacies of carving, knowing exactly how much water is needed to create a strong impression, discovering how various papers receive the ink, and learning the myriad special techniques that were developed over many centuries — these can take years to truly master.

This five-day intensive workshop will allow participants to delve more deeply into this rich traditional art form, offering time to begin to develop the sensitivity to materials that is essential to using the technique successfully. Open to beginners as well as people who have already done some moku hanga and want to refine their practice.

$575 + $40 materials fee ‐ Non‐Members

$525 + $40 materials fee ‐ Members