November in the Sanford Gallery
at Zea Mays Printmaking

Each technique that falls under the moniker of printmaking presents a rich and diverse wealth of marks, textures, and surfaces. When used together the results can be startling, subtle and sublime.  To site a few: from the exquisite delicate lines often used to inscribe a plate in intaglio printing to the rough, often emotional cuts in the oldest form of printmaking, relief, to the slick surfaces of silkscreen, each technique brings a wealth of experimentation, and a means of expression. When used in unison it can demonstrate masterly craftsmanship while revealing processes not seen before.  The works created by ZMP members represented in the Flat file that are on view in the Sanford Gallery in November highlight this practice. 

Participating artists include: Julie Rivera, Sara Farrell-Okamura, Esther S. White, Carolyn Webb, Elisa Lanzi, Liz Chalfin, Richard Turnbull, Betsy Feick, Joyce Silverstone, Louise Wallendorf, T. Klacsmann, Erika Radich, Angela Zammarelli, Edda Sigurdardottir, Judith Bowerman and Rachel Gugler.