Brian Cohen, "Untitled", drypoint

Brian Cohen, “Untitled”, drypoint

March 1, 2007 – March 29, 2007

Liz Chalfin, director and founder of Zea Mays Printmaking, gave me the delightful task of curating a show from the studio archives. The archives are prints donated to the studio by artists working here or passing through in classes offered in new methods of safer less toxic printmaking. I came into the studio on a cold winter day to open the print drawers and open my self to see what would start shaping into a show. While the studio filled with streaming light and a visiting intern came in to start work, and a new member was getting familiar with the feel of the presses, the helpful, generative field of being at Zea Mays struck me as the obvious theme for a show. The studio is growing and thriving in large part through Liz’s hard work and clear vision of what she wants: a place where artists and students can be creative and thrive.

I chose images that speak to me about growth and expansion. Some of the pieces became teachers for me: techniques that are intriguing or make me interested in the process; expanding my understanding. Others speak about growth in a poetic way responding to natural forms with a sensitive touch; expanding my awareness.

My hope is that the relationship between these prints and the vision that we aspire to will generate more growth and depth in our community of artists, in surprising and beautiful ways. Each artist working here contributes to the growth and depth of our knowledge. This show doesn’t represent every artist working here. These selected works are meant to celebrate and stand as metaphors for how we are growing.

-Joyce Silverstone