Nancy Van Deren, "Strata", monotype, 2010

Nancy Van Deren, “Strata”, monotype, 2010

February 19, 2011 – March 29, 2011

The Gallery at Zea Mays Printmaking presents Here and Now, an exhibition curated by Meredith Broberg featuring new prints from the Members’ Flat File. The show features new work from Anne Beresford, Joan Dix Blair, Sarah Creighton, Liz Chalfin, Nancy Diessner, Anita Hunt, Margaret Jean, Kate Jenkins, Sheryl Jaffe, Louise Kohrman, Larinda Meade, Erika Radich, Lynn Peterfreund, Claudia Sperry, Joyce Silverstone, Carolyn Webb and Nancy Van Deren.

Studio faculty member Meredith Broberg curated this exhibition of new entries into the Zea Mays Flat File. She chose to showcase works that feature a distillation to essential form, that explore the energy of color and mark-making itself and that speak to the observation and transformation of everyday moments. The works in the exhibition range from bold to delicate, representational to abstract. They illustrate a variety of printmaking techniques that are used by artists working at Zea Mays Printmaking, including etching, woodcut, monotype and photo intaglio.

The Zea Mays Flat File houses over 40 portfolios of prints by member artists. Each year new work is curated into the flat file. Visitors are invited to select portfolios from the drawers and self-curate a dynamic art viewing experience. The work in the Flat file is available for exhibition and sale. We encourage galleries, dealers, curators, collector, artists, students and the art loving public to make an appointment to explore this exciting collection of works on paper.