by Annie Bissett and Marjorie Morgan

April 18th – May 14th, 2023

Reception and Artist Talks Sunday, April 23, 3-6 PM

Marjorie Morgan’s Magical Nature Tarot and Annie Bissett’s Woodblock Dreams Tarot, while unique and quite different from each other, also have a lot in common. Both decks were created in the crucible of the pandemic and both decks were constructed with printmaking techniques. In addition, both artists share some important passions — a connection to the natural world, being members of Zea Mays Printmaking, and working towards a more liberated future for us all. This show at Sanford Gallery will highlight the processes these artists used to make the decks and some of the original artwork that became cards. A gathering on Sunday April 23, 3-6pm, will feature talks by the artists and an opportunity to engage with the cards in guided readings. Tarot reader Karen J. Hayes will do short readings for a suggested donation of $10. Decks will be on hand for purchase.

Woodblock Dreams Tarot is an indie tarot deck designed and illustrated by mokuhanga woodblock artist Annie Bissett. A tool for self-inquiry and eliciting intuition, this Tarot deck also functions as a compact portfolio of woodblock print art for art and print collectors. The structure of the deck is based on progressions and sequences. There is a progression from 1 to 10 in each of the four suits (Minor Arcana) and then a progression through the stages of life (the Major Arcana) in which a person moves from basic principles of materiality, through a cycle of social conditioning, and then into yet another progression of inner growth and development to arrive at a final state of freedom and wholeness. The deck took over two years to complete — a perfect pandemic project.

Magical Nature Tarot was created by Marjorie Morgan in collaboration with over 25 plants and foraged metals and as part of the SiNK Spirit Collective. Each card is a collage using bits of natural ink monotypes and natural dye eco prints (and a little bit of natural ink painting too). You can find more information about the different inks/dyes and their spiritual and/or medicinal properties by checking out the online deck guide at The guide was written by Rebecca Guanzon (herbalist, energy healer, tarot reader, and co-owner of Wild Soul River, an abolitionist healing shop in Williamstown, MA). It encourages an intuitive, somatic approach to working with the deck.