Green Printmaking Certificate: Intaglio 2020

Pat Worsham working on a soy wax softground during GPC19

After offering our Green Printmaking Certificate: Intaglio as a 3-4 week Summer Intensive for 5 years, we are now offering it as a series of shorter workshops, which can be combined to earn the official GPC Certificate.

The workshops one must take to earn the certificate are:

Care and Feeding of the Intaglio Studio
Green Etching Fundamentals
Introduction to Metal Salt Etching
Advanced Etching Projects

Together these four workshops add up to everything that was taught in the summer intensive.  They can be taken in any order (except Advanced Etching Projects), and can be taken over the course of several years.

What will you learn in the program?

  • Set up and maintenance of safe intaglio studio including how to calibrate, lubricate and maintain an etching press, etching bath testing and maintenance, how to read material data safety sheets, DIY ventilation systems, tool sharpening and more.
  • Etching on copper in ferric chloride with BIG ground including: hard ground, soft ground, lift grounds, white grounds, marbling and alternative aquatints.
  • Acrylic Airbrush Aquatints including tray, vertical tank and spit bite etching.
  • Etching on copper with Soy Wax softground.
  • Etching on aluminum and zinc in copper sulfate saline mordant.
  • Non-Darkroom Photo Etching methods
  • Chine Colle and non-rag paper printing
  • Professional printing methods including multi-plate etching and registration.
  • Ink tutorials – modification and use of oil and water-based inks

Who is it for?

  • Printmakers
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Shop Technicians
  • Anyone who wants to learn safer ways to make etchings!

What will the Certificate Prepare you for?

  • Setting up your own safer etching studio – personal or public
  • Converting a traditional print studio to a safer one – school, community center, home studio
  • Teach safer etching techniques: hard and soft ground, aquatint, lift grounds, photo etching and more.

Will the Summer Intensive Return?
The Summer Intensive will return in 2021 – we’re moving to a bi-annual schedule, offering it as a single workshop every other year.