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Funky Stuff Photopolymer

contact image detailNancy Diessner
Saturday & Sunday, December 5 & 6, 2015, 10-5
$275 non-members $245 members
$50 material fee

This workshop is for people who have taken a beginning photopolymer workshop or who have experience working with the photopolymer platemaking system used at Zea Mays, and who know how to expose and process a plate (please call the studio if you’re unsure of your status).

Learning the basic steps of exposing and developing a photopolymer plate can sometimes seem intense, but in this workshop we let exploration, risk, and adventure inspire us to intervene in all stages of image-making, plate-making, and printing to see what happens and what can be done with it creatively. We’ll mess with the film positives—not just scraping, scratching, and drawing, but washing away parts of the image—and we’ll also play with contact exposures and unorthodox exposure and plate development. This workshop encourages thinking outside the box and building on what each participant brings to the workshop. Mornings will be focused on specific group experiments and demonstrations, and afternoons will be an open workshop when participants will explore how these experiments integrate with each individual’s process and creative interest.

$275 + $50 materials ‐ Non‐Members

$245 + $50 materials ‐ Members