Adele Mattern

Adele Mattern is an artist and a textile/fashion designer. After a career working as a designer for large clothing brands, Adele took a hiatus from the corporate world to earn an MFA in sculpture. She re-entered design with a new commitment to makers, and sustainable materials and processes. Adele now focuses her commercial textile projects around international collaborations, particularly in India, with small artisan producers in support of women’s economic development.

Whether Adele is working as a designer or an artist, printed pattern and an accumulation of gestures is central to her work in all mediums. Mark making, used simultaneously as an act of touch, and as a tool to record process, is an important component of the work. She often explores order and chaos–what can be known, and what remains unknown. In these projects, Adele often employs print and repeated pattern to provide moments of clarity and stability within in a fragmentary landscape.

Hand/Eye Magazine featured Adele’s embroidered newspaper project, Newsfeed Mumbai, a collaboration between her and 250 women embroiderers from MarketPlace India. Adele has been a guest presenter at the Pulitzer Foundation in St. Louis, and selected regional shows include Allentown Museum of Art (PA), University of West Florida (FL), The Borderlands State Park (PA), Photography Center(MN), Renaissance Center (TN), and locally at Porter Phelps Huntington House, Amherst Historical Society, Smith College, University of MA, and Springfield Technical and Community College. Her public art project “Patterning the Space Between” is on permanent view in the High Street Tunnel in Columbus, OH.

She was nominated for a Lillian Elliot prize for excellence in fiber. Adele holds an MFA from The Ohio State University.

Instagram: Rectangletextiles