“Possibilities,” Erika Radich

May 7 – 31, 2019

The title of this exhibition refers to this second installment of work in the Sanford Gallery by members of the Zea Mays Printmaking Exhibition Committee and is, in its way, meant to be tongue in cheek. The exhibitionists curate an exhibition of their own work (or something like that). There is nothing tongue in cheek about the work itself: these pieces represent ten autonomous sensibilities that are nonetheless linked by a shared commitment to green printmaking and an exploration of personal graphic and expressive languages. We looked for correspondences between each artist’s work; we looked for rhythms and links and internal conversations. We hung the works in a sequence that suggested (to us, at least) a wordless narrative and a sense of motion from one piece (or group of pieces) to the next. Different though they might be in content or palette or scale, the individual pieces might be said to nourish one another, which seems an appropriate description of the way things happen at ZMP.

Exhibiting Artists:

Richard Turnbull
Elisa Lanzi
Margo Temple
Edda V. Sigurðardóttir
Olwen O’Herlihy Dowling
Janet Walerstein Winston
Tekla McInerney
Nancy Whitcher
Sara Farrell Okamura
Erika Radich

Organized by Erika Radich and Rich Turnbull