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Etching series – 5 weekends (take one or more) with Louise Kohrman and Liz Chalfin

Liz Chalfin and Louise Kohrman

September 15/16, 10-5       Etched lines and texture
October 20/21, 10-5            Etching the Artist’s touch
November 17/18, 10-5        Adding Tone with Aquatint
December 15/16, 10-5        Simple Photo Etching – FULL
January  5/6, 2019, 10-5     Chine collé and printing strategies

5 session series: $1000 members/ $1200 non-members + $100 materials (includes 10 hours of extra studio time)
Individual workshops: $245 members/ $275 non-members + $35 materials

Join us for a series of weekend etching workshops that will take you through a range of safe processes for making beautiful etchings using copper plates. These workshops can be taken individually or as a series (discounted price and studio access hours included for series.) In each session you will either make new plates or add to plates you made in the previous session(s) to build on your imagery.  The series ends with an intensive weekend devoted to printing and editioning.


September 15/16        Etched Lines and Textures
The first session will be an introduction to BIG etching ground – an ink-based etching ground that can be used for all kinds of line drawing and texture making.  You’ll learn the ins and outs of using this versatile ground and create etchings on copper that utilize line and texture. This workshop will also cover plate preparation, how to maintain a ferric etching bath, trouble-shooting etching issues and basic printing techniques.


Meredith Broberg

October 20/21       Etching the Artist’s touch        
The second session shifts to another type of etching ground, made with Soy Wax and ink.  This ground is perfect for soft ground drawing directly on the plate using pencils, pens, fingers, burnishers, or any tool you can think of  that creates an interesting  mark or texture.  It’s sensitivity to the artist’s touch make it a gorgeous ground for making etchings that emphasize drawing. This workshop will also cover reworking a plate (making subtractions and additions).




Kevin Pomerleau

November 17/18          Adding Tone with Aquatint
The third session focuses on aquatint – a method of etching tones into a copper plate.  We will introduce you to acrylic airbrush aquatint and all the ways you can use the airbrush for creative tonal work. We will cover spit bite and stage bite etching, the first a washy way to add tone and the latter a more controlled hard edge process.  This process can be added to plates made in previous workshops or as a starting point for new imagery.



Liz Chalfin

December 15/16         Simple Photo Etching


The fourth session introduces a non-darkroom photo etching technique.  You will learn how to transfer a photographic image to the copper plate and etch it without using any special films, darkroom or chemicals. It’s all done with a photo copier, a polyester plate and BIG ground.  Once the photographic image is etched in the copper plate, it can be reworked with aquatint, soft ground and hand working.  This technique can be used as a starting point for new imagery, or as a way to add photographic imagery to a plate in progress. 



Louise Kohrman

January  5/6                Chine collé and printing strategies

The fifth session focuses on inking and printing!  This weekend workshop will cover printing with rag and non-rag papers (Asian and hand-made) and chine collé, the beautiful process of printing on thin paper and adhering it to thicker paper in the press.  We’ll delve deeply into technical issues such as multiple plate printing and registration, paper choices, damp packs, drying and curating prints for exhibition. We will also introduce some more advanced inking techniques and discuss the use of ink modifiers and work with a wider selection of colors during this weekend.)