Zoë Dong is a printmaker and multidisciplinary artist living in Northampton, MA. Originally from the rust belt city of Akron, Ohio, she moved to Western Mass to attend Smith College, graduating in 2018 with a BA in Studio Art and has stayed in the valley since. She first came to Zea Mays as an intern in 2019 and has remained active as a studio monitor. Zoë has worked as a printer’s assistant on several contract printing jobs at Zea Mays Printmaking.  A freelance videographer and filmmaker, Zoë is also the director of Zea Mays’ online workshop videos. Her favorite parts of the job are working with the wonderful faculty at the studio and learning from behind the camera. She worked as a Visual Arts counselor at DASAC in 2023.  Zoë’s artistic interests include identity, personal archives, and myth. To view her visual art visit www.zoedong.weebly.com, and head to www.vimeo.com/zoedong for video and film work.