Nancy Diessner began her teaching career as a college professor teaching printmaking, art history, and interdisciplinary studies. Eager for her students to work in a safer studio environment, she found her way to Zea Mays through a faculty development grant. After nearly 20 years of college teaching she transitioned to teaching workshops in photopolymer intaglio. She shows at Bromfield Gallery in Boston and her work is in several private and public collections, including Yale University, Wellesley College, and the Boston Public Library.

Individualized Instruction

I love photopolymer intaglio and I love teaching, so guiding people through the intricacies and opportunities of photo-based printmaking processes is pure joy for me. I’m interested in listening to what you want, or your uncertainties about what you want, and working intently to find what in printmaking excites you and how your work can best be developed and you can flourish. I’m interested in working with individuals who want to focus exclusively on technical/skill development and troubleshooting, as well as with individuals who want feedback on all aspects of their work: the content, the expression, the visual elements, and the process. I’d also enjoy working with people who want an introduction to or just need help with Adobe Photoshop.