Editions/Artists’ Book Fair 2019

Zea Mays Printmaking is proud to feature work by the following artists during the Editions/Artists’ Book Fair in New York, October 24-27, 2019 at the new location at the Caldwell Factory in Chelsea.


Chain Migration* *Why this Farce, Day after Day?;  monoprint, lithograph, gouache; 20 x 15”; 2018


Anne Beresford

“My work materializes at the intersection of language and image.
It is in this space – where the poetic meets the political and the literal becomes visual – that the concept of each work is born. Historical memory creates the foundation upon which each piece is built.

The images include examples of new, blatantly political pieces, as well more subtle political images from a recent and ongoing series of monoprints, Free4All. In these works I use the conventions of exhibition posters or broadsides to advertise events and elements that most of us enjoy for free.”







“Sonata in Gray – Owl and Water Bottle”, Layered linocut, woodcut, and polyester lithography prints with added ink, acrylic, colored pencil, pastel on gray marbled paper, 30 x 40″,


T. Klacsmann

Klacsmann tries to capture the consciousness of animals as they exist independent from, but intermingled with humanity. Loving beauty more than efficiency, he first meticulously carves each thing that appears in his work in linoleum or wood, then further develops the prints with paint, ink, and colored pencil, and polyester lithography plates. 






Still Then no. 2, 2019, monotype, 3 x 3 inches (paper: 8 x 10 inches), unique.


Tekla McInerney

“I grew up watching my father navigate the very slow process of making thoughtful photographs. Enduring silent car rides to unnamed destinations, standing still and quiet, waiting—my involuntary offerings to his search for the perfect moment. This series of prints and books evolved from the realization that there is a shrinking distance between his work and mine.”






Indian Wells Beach, East Hampton NY, 2019 etching with aquatint – ed. 5, 31.5″ x 22”


Kevin Pomerleau

Kevin produces etchings of contemporary textiles in their natural spaces from important/ relevant times in his life. 






“Malecón book” intaglio prints, beeswax and thread


Liz Chalfin

“The books are meditations on place and time and how we reconstruct  the memories of our experiences. Made from intaglio prints, dipped in beeswax and stitched into stab bound books.”







Wildfire, watercolor woodblock (mokuhanga) 11″ x 17″

Annie Bissett

Playing with Fire: “I started this series of images about fire after the election of Donald Trump and worked on it during the first year of his presidency. Each image is composed of shapes derived from video stills of various types of fire. These shapes are superimposed to create a composite “moving” image.”







As the Crow Does Not Fly, 2019, silkscreened Artist’s Book, 9” x 5.5” (9” x 40” expanded)

Amanda Maciuba

“As a recent transplant to the Valley, As the Crow Does not Fly is a representation of my initial observations about living in the area. My research spans from the prehistoric footprints crossing the Valley to the contemporary planes creeping across my peripheral vision throughout the day. Moving here from the prairies and hills of the Midwest I am particularly interested in how the combination of the river and two mountain ranges change how we move throughout our surroundings.



House on Fire, from the portfolio “Thou Mayest,” 2019 monotype and collage

Erika Radich

“John Steinbeck in East of Eden, referring to a bible verse in Genesis that states ‘thou shalt,’  evokes the alternate Hebrew word timshel which means thou mayest.  He is exploring the idea of human choice and speaking to the distinction of humans having the ability to make life choices.  We are buffeted by the winds of chance, but all our outcomes are impacted by choices. So the game is a game of chance – life as it happens –  AND choice, the longing of the soul, as the vehicle of our deepest intentions.  Both equally significant and always at work to affect human destiny….synchronously influencing one another.”






Getting Good at Saying Goodbye – Snippets of Iceland, 2019 Accordion book with photopolymer intaglio and monotype

Edda Sigurdardottir

“Living away from my home country, I have been overwhelmed with home-sickness for decades.  Missing my family, my native tongue and familiar surroundings took a toll on my daily life.  It has taken me a long, long time to work my way past these feelings and allow myself to be in the moment wherever I am.
However, Iceland is vivid in my mind and I find that I turn to the beauty and ruggedness of its nature in my art.”