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Intro to Basic Screen Printing

Daniel Chiaccioon-our-way
Saturday & Sunday, October 22-23, 2016, 12-6 PM
$135 non-members, $125 members + $20 materials fee (includes use of screen, ink, paper)

Learn the basics of screen printing in this two day course. Students will be guided through screen prep, use of drawing fluid and screen filler and basic screen printing practices. The course will begin with the instructor presenting a hands on screen printing demonstration. Students will then have the opportunity to create an edition of prints with the guidance of the instructor. Along the way you will also learn basic screen printing practices including how to properly register paper, ink mixing,  and setting up a printing table.

This will be an introductory course with an emphasis on the exploration of the medium and how it can be used to advertise and communicate via poster design. Participants will be asked to arrive with a drawing or design on hand to use as reference and any optional materials/papers you wish to print on. No prior printing experience needed!

$135 + $20 materials ‐ Non‐Members

$125 + $20 materials ‐ Members