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Color Woodcut Using Multiple Blocks and More with Julie Rivera

Julie Rivera
Wednesday mornings, 10-2, October 16 – November 6, 2019

This workshop is full.  Call to put your name on the waiting list.

$275 non-members, $245 members
$35 materials fee covers blocks, inks and paper.

Welcome to the age old craft of woodcut! Nothing beats the meditative joy of carving an image out of a block of wood.

This workshop will offer you the opportunity to explore woodcut using multiple (2) color blocks, and will introduce you to other techniques to add color to your prints. We will  learn the basics of image transfer, care and use of tools, carving techniques, registration, and printing with water soluble oil base inks.

Starting with the carving of a key block, we will learn how to transfer our image on to a second block. Each block is then carved and printed in a different color. By using  reduction carving, rainbow rolls, stencils, masks, and chine colle, we can introduce more color as well.

The great thing about using multiple blocks is that you have far more control over the final print than when doing a color reduction block, because you can proof and tweak the blocks and colors before printing the final edition.   

This workshop will meet once a week for four weeks, allowing you time in between sessions to continue carving.