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Color Meets Line: Monotype and Drypoint

peterfreundl_07Lynn Peterfreund
Monday-Thursday, August 3-6, 2015, 10-5
$450 non-members $400 members
$40 materials fee

This workshop begins with an exploration of monotype fundamentals: how to manipulate and modify ink to get a variety of line qualities, values, textures, layered colors and shapes.  The painterly freedom of monotype opens up great flexibility in mark making and color layering as it is one of the most direct ways of making a print.

To this we will add drypoint (direct drawing with an etching needle on the printing plate) as a way to combine a different kind of line and value with the painterly qualities inherent in the monotype techniques.

The workshop will use Akua Intaglio inks (water-soluble) and thin plastic printing plates (PETG).  It includes demonstrations on how to use a variety of tools, rollers, stencils, and transfer drawing, drypoint drawing and how to take your image from the plate to the paper through the use of an etching press.  Individual and group critiques throughout the week will facilitate the image making process.

Printmakers of all levels, including beginners, are welcome.  Materials fee includes plate, inks and a limited quantity of paper.

$490 ‐ Non‐Members

$440 ‐ Members