Scott Prior, "Cow", digital print with photopolymer intaglio

Scott Prior, “Cow”, digital print with photopolymer intaglio

June 23, 2012 – August 31, 2012

This summer our gallery will feature prints that we have made for artists in our Contract Printing program. This traditional relationship of artist/printer is an opportunity for wonderful collaborations. An artist comes to the studio with an idea and we work together to realize their vision. This show features the work of many artists for whom we have printed editions and explores a variety of techniques we have used in the process. On view are Scott Prior’s series of digital prints with photopolymer intaglio, Ben Aronson’s etching and photopolymer intaglio prints, Jessica Stockholder’s relief, collagraph, and mixed media prints, Nicholas Hondrogen’s photopolymer intaglio prints, Nanny Vonnegut’s etching, and more.