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Chine Collé via ZOOM

with Louise Kohrman
June 29, July 1, July 6, July 8, 2021, 6-8 PM (EDT)


limited to 10 students

sliding fee:  $175-$350

This workshop will introduce participants to chine collé—the versatile process of printing on thinner paper and adhering it to thicker paper in the press. You will learn a range of processes for working with different papers and adhesion processes to make beautiful prints. 

This 2-week workshop meets twice a week. In this time we’ll learn about the history of chine collé, view examples of contemporary artists working with chine colle, and investigate our own work in the context of this versatile approach that can be applied to a range of printing mediums from intaglio, to relief, to monoprint, and more.

Demonstrations include making the paste from scratch and using pre-made pastes, mixing the glue, damp-packing, using the glue through the direct method and pre-pasted method. We will have time for exploration and practice including investigating mounting without a press and collage techniques and drying prints. You will learn about the use of damp packs and proper paper dampening techniques. There will be time devoted to technical issues such as multiple plate printing and registration, paper choices, drying and curating prints for exhibition. Class time will also include sharing of work in progress, troubleshooting and impromptu demonstrations as the need arises.

No prior printmaking experience necessary. This class is for those new to chine collé and those wanting a refresher!

Basic Materials needed (a complete list will be sent upon registration)

  • Inks: Printing inks of your choice
  • Plates: Plates of your choice (intaglio, relief, PETG or other plexiglass, etc)
  • Papers: Newsprint, Eastern and Western papers
  • Paste (either Zin Shofu powder or pre-mixed adhesives such as Nori or Methyl Cellulose)
  • Mister
  • Brush
  • Plastic sheet or bag for damp packing.

Workshop Format:

Session 1: Getting to know each other, history of chine collé, print examples, contemporary chine colle, sharing of work and ideas for projects

Session 2: Cooking the paste from scratch

Session 3: Making and using glues (direct method, prepasted method)

Session 4: Other Applications (Collage, Mounting), Troubleshooting, Group Sharing/Feedback/Critique