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Chiaroscuro Woodcut

Maiastra Chiaroscuro300DPILyell Castonguay
Friday-Sunday, April 8-10, 2016, 10-5
$350 non-members $315 members
$40 materials fee includes plates, ink, paper

Chiaroscuro, Italian for light-dark, is a great way to create bold imagery. We will create the dramatic chiaroscuro effect by carving two 12” x 12” woodcuts and overprinting them. Students begin by transferring a drawing or photograph onto a piece of plywood. S/he develops a key block by carving away areas of the plywood that correspond to the negative space of the transfer. Castonguay demonstrates the use of Japanese chisels including: proper technique to prevent hand fatigue, carving to achieve specific textures, along with the care and sharpening of tools.

Once the key block is complete, students transfer the image to the second piece of plywood. This block is carved to define highlights and add color. We will discuss what ink consistencies and printing papers work best for press or hand printing. Students learn paper registration as they print their key block over the second block, creating a striking light/dark contrast. All skill levels are welcome.

$390 ‐ Non‐Members

$355 ‐ Members