Online Workshops

Celebrating Nature with Prints via ZOOM

with Amaryllis Siniossoglou

Section 2: for intermediate to advanced (some printmaking and book arts experience)
Wednesdays, 11-1 (EST),  May 19- July 7, 2021

This workshop is full.  Email to put your name on the mailing list.

Sliding scale fee:  $200-$450

The natural world is filled with inspiration for printmaking! This workshop is a refreshing and nurturing journey inspired by nature while exploring color, prints and book arts.

The workshop will begin with a simple book arts project to create two hand-bound journals for visual notes and thoughts. Using these as starting points, ideas will be translated into prints and included in a hand-made portfolio.

During the course of the workshop participants will be introduced to monotype, collagraph, and drypoint techniques for making prints.

Weekly projects will address abstract and representational interpretations of nature, the landscape, organic forms, natural elements, close-up imagery. Emphasis will be given to composition, print format, movement, pattern, rhythm and working in series.  In addition to demonstrations, the workshop will include time for sharing and feedback from the instructor and fellow participants.

Section 1 is geared more towards beginners, with more time spent on printmaking demonstrations and hands-on projects and less time on group discussion and individual project development.

Section 2 is geared more towards intermediate and advanced students with more time spent on group discussion and individual project development and less time on basic printmaking and book making demonstrations.

No press is needed.

Basic materials required include:
Petg printing plates
Akua Intaglio Ink starter set
printing paper
misc. tools 
A complete materials list will be sent upon registration